Top tips to consider before relocating to the South West

Top tips to consider before relocating to the South West

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So many people often dream about relocating to the West Country, but when considering a relocation of this type there’s a huge amount of research required to ensure you find your perfect new home.  Location surely has to be the top criteria for research so here are a few tips on what to consider when seriously contemplating a move.

Community or rural

So you’re looking for a rural retreat, away from the hustle and bustle of City life and surrounded by lots of open space and fresh air…

This is a really serious point to consider – rural in the South West can mean long journeys down single track roads with a few bleating sheep as neighbours – heaven for a week’s holiday perhaps, but make sure that it really is your dream


Driving in the West Country is very different to a trip around the M25.  Be prepared for single track roads, mud, cows, an infuriating lack of signposts and the ultimate challenge for Satnavs, but in return you’ll be lucky enough to enjoy the most fantastic views for miles and miles and certainly a lot less traffic!


Devon itself is a huge area – understand which parts you like and why? If you’re unsure do your research and get advice – towns, fishing villages, seaside resorts can all be beautiful on a glorious summers day  – but what’s the reality in winter?

There are plenty of organisations like; ourselves, local councils and town and tourism websites who all provide great resources for anyone looking to move to the area.

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