Top 10 things to consider when relocating to Devon or Cornwall

Top 10 things to consider when relocating to Devon or Cornwall

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What exactly is it you’re looking for?

It seems like an obvious and simple place to start; if you’re looking to move to the West Country, do you know exactly what it is you’re looking for?

This is sometimes a question you may already know the answer to.  For example, you need a four-bedroom house, something with a little land and open space for the kids, something that’s rural, but still has local amenities and facilities on your doorstep.

Write down your list of requirements, and make sure you know which are your priorities.

Rural or Community Based?

If you’re currently living in an urban or city area, do you know how rural you want to go? Whilst the peace and quiet of an isolated farmhouse may seem like bliss to many, will you miss the convenience and company of the urban scene?

How much land?

The amount of land you need can have a real impact on cost and is therefore a vital consideration.

Have you given thought as to what you’re looking to achieve from your land, the scale on which you’re looking to do that, and also whether you currently have the knowledge to implement your ideas?

Local Schools?

A large number of families move to the West Country each and every year.  A key decision for every family to make and research is the quality of local schools.  Whilst 85% of schools in Devon are considered to be ‘outstanding’ by OFSTED, you’ll want to find the right fit for your children, as well as working out the school run on those rural roads!

Things to see and do in the local area

What do you do in your spare time? Where do you take the children during school holidays? Every area of Devon and Cornwall has something very different to offer; are you keen hikers or more likely to be found in the sea enjoying the surf whenever you can?

Whichever you are, always remember that your home is the property you’re buying, and also the lifestyle and everything that comes with and around it.

Road links to your potential home

The school run, the local amenities and places you’ll find; local roads impact them all.  Always take a look at local road systems; are you going to be spending your time on a dual carriageway, or on windy country lanes? What impact does this have on your lifestyle and your ease of getting to where you need or want to be?

Is the property value for money?

Property markets vary in every region of the UK; In Devon £1m will get you a four bedroom period property with five holiday cottages, and 4.5 acres of land.

The same money in London will get you a two bedroom apartment a stones throw away from Battersea Power Station.

Knowing and understanding the local market is essential in making sure you know how far your money goes, and whether you can be extending that list of priorities we mentioned at the start of this post, or pruning them!

Researching the local area

There’s an old adage that before you buy a property you should visit it a few times on different days and at different times, maybe even in different weathers, to get a true feel for all of the factors you should be considering.

If you live a long way from the potential property, how are you going to do this? How are you intending on finding out about any niggling problems that may exist?

How will you find time to manage the process?

How do you fit this in with the day job? Can you fit this into the day job?

If not, this leads us nicely onto our final point….

Do you need help?

Most of the points above come down to research, and simply knowing the lay of the local land.  This is where we aim to help those relocating.  We have the knowledge of the local area, we understand agriculture, and we’ve also done it ourselves.  We’re here to help you make sure that your dream move becomes a reality.