Buying land or a smallholding in the West Country? The benefits of using a local expert

Buying land or a smallholding in the West Country? The benefits of using a local expert

If you’re looking to relocate to the South West and buy a smallholding, farm or property with land you’ll have plenty to think about.  Having taken your journey (from a 240 acre beef farm 40 minutes from London to our 350 acre farm on the edge of Dartmoor where we live today) with my husband and children a little over 10 years ago, I wanted to take a look at some of the issues we faced and how a local expert could have helped us throughout the process.

Are you fully up to speed with agriculture or farming?

Many of the people moving to the South West looking for their own slice of the rural dream won’t be coming from a farming background, and may not have any experience at all.

With our experience in agriculture (my husband is a qualified agricultural lecturer and has been farming for decades), we’re able to help those people looking to take the plunge into the good life and explain any pitfalls they mightn’t of thought of, and find the opportunities they otherwise may not have.

Do you know exactly what you need, or indeed, what you’re looking for?

If you’re not familiar with farming, do you know what you’re looking for and where you should be looking? Smallholdings differ significantly from farms, as do properties with land.  The type of land will also depend on the type of livestock you’ll be keeping on it; will it be sheep? Cattle? Or even Alpacas?

We’re able to guide you, set criteria for your search and find the perfect land for your objectives.

Time – where do you find it?

It takes time to move and it definitely takes time to make sure you get it right.  With the property market being as competitive as it is in the South West you can benefit from someone being consistently on the case for you; making sure you’re one of the first to see those perfect finds coming on to the market, rather than the last.

Moving to a new area – how do you know the lay of the land?

Devon and Cornwall are massive areas, each with many unique spots on which you could lay your agricultural cap.  We’ve been living and farming in the area for more than 10 years; we know the areas you should be looking at, and also the ones that wouldn’t be right for you.

When you live a distance from your search tapping into local knowledge is vital.

How do you rule out options when viewings are a real time commitment?

Viewings, when they’re near to where you already live aren’t a problem, but what if you’re currently living more than 200 miles away from the West Country?  View the wrong places and you could give up a whole weekend and a lot of money.

We’re able to pre-vet properties, making sure you’re not racking up miles you don’t need to.  We can also arrange the viewing day for you, allowing you to see the very best there is to offer in one single trip; something we would have loved during our many long trips in the car!

Lower your stress levels!

This may be the biggest move of your life; it will be stressful but we can help you get to where you want to be going, provide you with the support you need to find the best possible option, and to enjoy your new life in the South West.

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