Top 10 reasons to relocate to the South West

Top 10 reasons to relocate to the South West

Are you considering a fresh start? What better place to choose than the West Country, and thousands will agree… Between 2003 and 2008 the region’s population grew faster than the whole of the UK’s.
So why is the demand to live in Devon and Cornwall so high? We’ve let the facts speak for themselves and highlighted ten reasons you should consider the West Country Dream.


Wanting to live a healthier lifestyle? The South West has some of the lowest levels of air pollution in the UK; on average pollution in the London area is four times higher than Exeter, one of the South West’s most popular city’s. Wanting to live a long life? The South West also has the highest regional life expectancy at birth for women, and second highest for men.


Many young families consider relocating to the South West each year. If you’re looking for a balanced quality of life on a smallholding or farm, you’re heading to the right part of the world. According to Trip Advisor’s latest list of top ten UK beaches, four of them are in the West Country and one of those is also included in Trip Advisor’s 25 world’s best beaches. It’s Woolacombe, in case you were wondering!

Commute time

Many families and couples who relocate to a smallholding in the South West will also have a second job or occupation, and for those people, we have some great news; the West Country has the shortest average commute in the country. According to the latest National Survey Travel, workers spend around 56 hours a year commuting. That may seem like a lot of your time, but compared to other areas in the country, it’s the best place to live if you’re looking to get home before nightfall!

Crime levels

Everyone wants to to live in an area in which they feel at ease knowing their children can grow up in a safe environment. Crime rates in the South West are among the lowest in England.
According to Government statistics, household crime levels in the South West are 16% lower than the national average!

Food and drink

If you’re planning on using farmland to grow or sell your own produce you’ll be joining some of the best in the country, and the world! From Cornish clotted cream to West Country lamb and beef — the South West has some of the finest food and drink around.

Things to do and see

When you’re not enjoying the fresh air owning your own land will provide you with, the West Country has plenty to offer any fan of the outdoors. More than a quarter of the region is designated National Park, and well, we’ve already mentioned those beaches haven’t we!


If you have school-aged children, education is going to play a huge factor in your decision to relocate.. 85% of schools in Devon are considered to be ‘outstanding’ by OFSTED, and once they’ve finished their schooldays, some of the country’s best universities are located in the South West, including Exeter University, which has recently been ranked in the Times’ world top 100.


Worried about finding a job when you move? Have no fear! Among UK regions, the South West has higher than average rates of employment and one of the lowest unemployment rates.

Land prices

If you’re looking to the West Country to continue farming or take your first step in the industry, you’ll be pleased to know that land prices remain stable and are set to rise in coming years which means your investment won’t be susceptible to a fluctuating market.


Many landowners diversify into the tourism marketplace; the South West has the highest number of seasonal visitors than any other UK region or country, which is great news if you’re setting up or moving a business to the South West!

Do you need help?

Most of the points above come down to research, and simply knowing the lay of the local land. This is where we aim to help those relocating. We have the knowledge of the local area, we understand agriculture, and we’ve also done it ourselves. We’re here to help you make sure that your dream move becomes a reality.

For more information on how West Country Dream can help you realise your dream of moving to a smallholding, farm or property with land in the South West of England please take a look around our site or call Helen Garrett on 07816 514667.

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