Farming and Smallholder courses

Perhaps you’re looking for a general introduction to being a smallholder, maybe you need guidance through the maze of official farming regulations or do you just want to gain some no nonsense practical hands-on animal husbandry experience.

Our farming and smallholding courses and workshops in Devon provide you with the chance to learn more about the smallholding and farming industry in the south west and gives you the opportunity to learn more about being a farmer / land-owner.

The bespoke course that you arranged for us was a total success, we haven’t had so much fun for ages.  Murray was so good to spend time explaining about the cattle and the farm.  You both made us feel so welcome and couldn’t have been more helpful.  

Our courses include an ‘Introduction to Farming’ as well as practical ‘Hands-on Farming’ experience, however we tailor the content according to your requirements.

Introduction to Farming

The content of this course will be tailored to your needs, subjects include;

  • Poultry keeping
  • Pig keeping
  • Basic introduction to cattle
  • Sheep keeping
  • Lambing weekends
  • Tractor maintenance
  • Land Management

Hands-on Farming (practical advice session)

  • Livestock including; buying and selling, breeding and rearing, handling and housing

All of the advice we provide including the ‘Introduction to Farming’ and Practical ‘Hands-on Farming’ workshops take place either here at Waytown Farm in Devon or 4 miles down the road with our partners Ian & Gillian Dixon at South Yeo Farm East. (return transport from Waytown Farm is included).

With our smallholding and farming knowledge and experience as well as our wide range of south west contacts we can guide you every step of the way with a move into farming and land ownership including advice on buying stock for starting a farm or starting a smallholding venture if required.

Workshops £95 per person for a day (10am – 5pm) including refreshments (minimum two people)

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